ideal for building…

  • Custom CRM software

  • Invoicing

  • Custom input forms

  • Bookkeeping software

  • Documents management

  • Clubs management software

  • Website input forms

  • Custom workflows

  • Different apps for your business

Real life scenarios

We have used izzedo appbuild in real life scenarios like
Sports clubs, Non-profit organizations, Insurance agencies, General firms, etc…

Look and feel of the finished app…

in web browser

finished app in web browser

in native mobile client

finished app in mobile client
google play store
apple store

Short videos

Did you know that you can build an app without having any programming knowledge?
Learn how to build an app without writing a single line of code.

Create a simple form, view, edit and delete data, duration 5:17

Customize actions on forms, duration 1:44

Create entities and generate application, duration 4:10

Embed form on WordPress website, duration 0:53

Mini apps and plugins installation, duration 0:55

Jumpstart your business app

  • Use already developed mini-apps and plugins. With a couple of clicks, you can install some of our predefined apps and get done big part of your application.

  • With plugins, you can integrate your app with other services like PayPal for payments, Postmark for sending emails, you can migrate data from an external system, etc…

  • We are constantly working on development of new predefined apps and plugins.

Embed your forms on a website

  • You can embed your forms in any kind of CMS, for example, WordPress.

  • Develop forms specified for generate leads and include these on pages on your website.

  • You can access all your forms through API from external applications.

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Getting started guides

Create the new application and use it free for 12 months.

You can learn more how to develop an application from those articles in our Knowledgebase.

How to create free appPages | Entities | Navigation | Plugins

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