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Virtuo smart invoicing software

About business case Virtuo provides services for a company registration and virtual office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Virtuo helps to reduce office costs and affords clients mobility. Implemented features User management Users and roles. General data Data about cities, services, etc... Multiple locations Offer services on multiple locations with multiple coordinators [...]

TeamsGame sports management

About business case Teams Game is the platform for manage club matters all in one place. With Teams Game it is possible to manage members, volunteers, players, your sport club programs, competitive teams, house league, recreational programs and much more. Implemented features User management Users and roles. General data Data [...]

Youth Communication Centre

About business case Youth Communication Centre (YCC) is a non-profit organization based in Banja Luka, established with the aim of promoting the values of civil society that operates on a local and regional level. Educational, volunteer, media, psychosocial and peace-building activities and the development of democracy contribute to improving the quality of life [...]

Lukic-R insurance agency

About business case LUKIC-R is small insurance agency. Their main activities are selling and reselling various types of insurance. In LUKIC-R agency decided to make an application for email marketing and generating new leads. They have created various input forms and target audiences to send these forms. Implemented features User management Users [...]


About business case Hollodex d.o.o. offers its clients a range of services in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, technical plans, precision air-conditioning, automation, central control system and other related activities for those installations. All their services are designed in a way to meet the demands of clients, primarily taking into account [...]

UG Otaharin

About business case UG Otaharin is the organization who are promoting education of Roma children population. Otaharin trying to include Roma children in the educational system. This problem exists in many countries. To have success in solving this problem, organizations need efficient customer database. On the beginning, Otaharin just worked with Roma children. But during the time, they [...]


About business case Torrocom is platform for selling IP TV online. Torrocom allow users to buy only channels they want to watch. On this platform users can become resellers and start reselling services. Implemented features User management Users and roles. Registration process. General data Channels, packages, prices, stakeholders. Resellers Registration [...]

Buy YplaY products

About business case YplaY is Internet, TV and Telephone operator in Switzerland. This provider sell wide range of services to customer. They needed back-end application for managing all sales over web portal. Implemented features User management Users and roles. Registration process. General data Data about cities, network types, product availability, [...]

Service Jam Toolkit

About business case The thesis work was named “Service Design Process: Tools and Methods Used During Global Service Jam 2014 Workshop as a Service Design Process Best Practice” with Leonard Walletzký, Masaryk University – as a supervisor, in January 2015. The initial purpose was to summarize tools and methods used in design process [...]