About business case

Hollodex d.o.o. offers its clients a range of services in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, technical plans, precision air-conditioning, automation, central control system and other related activities for those installations. All their services are designed in a way to meet the demands of clients, primarily taking into account the quality. Hollodex has a lot of paper documents coming in and out of the company. So they needed to track documents flow for better execution.

Implemented features

  • User management
    Users and roles. Registration process.

  • General data
    Data about places, case types, case classifications, statuses, organization units, etc…

  • Create cases and documents
    Receive mails, create new case, create and attach documents, scan documents.

  • Keep track of document flow
    Send cases to other employees, keep track of document flow.

  • Tasks
    Create tasks and send it with cases.

  • Partners
    Advanced database of partners, contacts, connections between them.

  • Reports
    Search and reports.

  • Document scanning
    Scanning documents, implemented with product izzedo webscan.


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