Entities One of the first thing need to be defined, are entities. Entities should be defined like they really exist in business process. Latter they will contain real data in application. Examples for entities are Product, Product category, Customer, Orders, Orders items. Every entity contain attributes, and every attribute have attribute type. With attribute type it is [...]

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Pages On this option, it is possible to make any kind form, with components and actions for some business process. Application can have multiple pages. Every page can contain forms, and every form can contain all other components. All components are organized like component tree. We will explain all components here. Page [...]

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Navigation On navigation option it is possible to define navigation menus for application. There are three section: Top navigation, Left navigation and Developer navigation. Top navigation is standard menu in application Left navigation is side navigation in application Developer navigation is menu bar in developer panel Menu item Component properties Name [...]

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Manage plugins

Manage plugins It is possible to use plugins in application. Plugins are simple PHP files with functions. Every function must return same object of AjaxResult class. The best practice is to create plugin and functions when define actions on forms. Then all code for plugin file is prepared. Plugins can be used in more [...]

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Languages On this option it is possible to configure more application languages. If more then one language is added, on entering labels or titles of components, popup will be opened with multiple inputs for different languages. For more details see How to translate application

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Authentication Authentication option is used to configure authentication of application. It is possible to configure different types of authentication. When application is installed, three entities are created for authentication purpose, User, Roles and Tokens. Also default Login plugin is installed and option Authentication is configured to use this plugin. Those are parameters [...]

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Configuration tracking

Configuration tracking With this option it is possible to have more application stages systems, for example Development application, QA application, Test application and Production application. If Configuration tracking is set to Yes, from that moment all changes in developer panel will be tracked. After some time of development, it is possible to export all [...]

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