How to create plugin in action

This tutorial shows you how to create a custom plugin for application. We will create new plugin DemoPlugin with SendEmailToCustomerService function.

1. Login into developer panel.

2. Navigate to Pages menu item.

3. Select page pageCustomerRegistration.

4. Drag and drop Action component to buttonRegister.

5. Select Server function as Action type.

Drop new action

6. Click on text area under Action code label.

7. Click on button New function.

Select new function

8. Enter plugin name, function name, function description and parameters that you need in this function. Click on button Add.

Send email

9. Drag and drop Form components from the left side to function parameters field on the right side. Click on button Save.

Drag params

10. Click on button Save changes.

11. Navigate to Plugins > Menage plugins.

12. Select new created plugin DemoPlugin.

13. Click on button Download plugin file. Now edit plugin on your computer. Empty function is already prepared for your code.

Empty function

14. After you edited plugin file, select DemoPlugin and click on button Replace plugin file and upload edited file from your computer.

Downlaod and replace

15. Go into your application and check out the results.