How to redirect and transfer values

This tutorial shows you how to redirect from form to another form and how to transfer values between fields on form. In our example we are going to set redirect after registration. After successfully registration, user will be redirected from registration form to login form and value of his email will be transfered to email field on login form.

Redirect example

1. Login into developer panel of application.

2. Click on Pages menu item.

3. Select page pageRegistrationCustomer.

4. Drag and drop Redirect component from all components list to button for registration named ButtonRegister.

5. In dropped redirect component properties, for Redirect type property choose Form. Select pageLogin as Redirect page and select formLoginUser as Redirect form.


6. Click on text field under Transfer values label.

7. Drag and drop {TextboxEmailRegistration} item from list on the left side to textUsername text field on the right side. Click on Save button. On the left side are values that we can transfer to another form and on the right side are fields from form on which we are doing redirect.

Transfer values

8. Click on Save changes, go into your application and check out the results.