How to translate application

This tutorial shows you how to translate your application into multiple languages. In our example we will show you how to translate components buttons named Add Product, Edit Product and Delete Product. These buttons are located on page Product of our demo application. Language switcher is located at the top right corner of application.

The result of this tutorial should looks like pictures bellow:

Translate application

1. Login into developer panel of application.

2. Navigate to Languages menu item which is located under Application settings menu item.


3. Click on Add new language button to add more languages.

4. After you added languages, click on Pages menu item.

5. Select page pageProduct.

6. Click on component named buttonNewProduct that is located on table component named dataTableProduct.

7. Click on text field under Label property of selected component and after that dialog window with component translations will be open.

8. Enter translations for selected component.

Translation dialog

9. Click on Save button.

10. Repeat steps 6, 7, 8 and 9 for other two components buttonEditProduct and buttonDeleteProduct.

11. Click on Save changes, go into your application and check out the results.