How to use plugin Import Csv to Entity

You can use plugin Import Csv to Entity to easily import data to entity. First row in CSV document should be column names. CSV document must be clean document with semicolon ( ; ) delimiter.

CSV example

1. Login into developer panel.

2. Before you can use plugin you need to install it. Navigate to Plugins > Menage plugins. Click on FIND NEW PLUGIN. Select plugin and than click on Install buton.

Find new plugin

3. After you installed Import Csv to Entity plugin, navigate to Plugins > Import Csv to Entity. On this page you can manage your imports to entities.

Import dev page

4. Click on New import button, select entity which data you are going to import and upload CSV file. Click on Next button.

Import first step

5. Now you need to add mappings. Click on Add mapping button. Select CSV column and select entity attribute that match with selected CSV column.

6. Click on Save mapping button.

New mapping

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for every column in CSV file.

8. Click on Import data button.

Import completed

9. Go into your application and check out the results.