How to use plugin PayPal

PayPal plugin helps you to easily integrate PayPal with your application. This tutorial shows you how to configure PayPal in your application, how to add products and how to process payment.

1. Login into developer panel.

2. Before you can use plugin you need to install it. Navigate to Plugins > Menage plugins. Click on FIND NEW PLUGIN. Select plugin and than click on Install buton.

Find new plugin

3. After you installed plugin PayPal, navigate to Plugins > PayPal. Click on Set configurations button. On this page you can configure your PayPal plugin (PayPal mode, ClientIDs and ClientSecrets). PayPal mode can be live or sandbox. After you enter configurations click on Save PayPal configuration button to save settings.

PayPal config

4. This plugin adds some of new entities into your application: PayPalProduct, PayPalOrder, PayPalOrderItem, PayPalPaymet and PayPalConfiguration. Also this plugin adds pages into your application: pagePayPalShoppingCart, pagePayPalBrowseProducts, pagePayPalConfiguration, pagePayPalConfirmation, pagePayPalMyOrders, pagePayPalProduct and pagePayPalOrder.

  • pagePayPalShoppingCart – page that shows customers products in their shopping carts. Costumer can proceed to Checkout PayPal page by clicking on Checkout button.

PayPal shopping cart

  • pagePayPalBrowseProducts – page that shows customers products which they can put in their carts.

PayPal browse

  • pagePayPalConfiguration – page that we explained in step 3.
  • pagePayPalConfirmation – page for customer payment confirmation.
  • pagePayPalMyOrders – page that shows customer list of his orders and their status.
  • pagePayPalProduct – page where seller can manage products in his store (add, edit or delete products form his store).

PayPal all products

  • pagePayPalOrder – page where seller can see and manage list of all orders in his store.