Manage plugins


It is possible to use plugins in application. Plugins are simple PHP files with functions. Every function must return same object of AjaxResult class. The best practice is to create plugin and functions when define actions on forms. Then all code for plugin file is prepared. Plugins can be used in more applications.

  • Upload plugin – This option will upload plugin in application and run Install function if it exists in plugin file. Plugin file must be PHP file and must be written in specific format. It can be placed in ZIP archive with more files and folders. Plugin file and zip archive must have same name. After plugin installed it is possible to use server functions in actions, validations, data sources etc…
  • Delete plugin – this option will delete plugin from application.
  • Download plugin file – this option will download plugin file for editing.
  • Replace plugin file – this option will upload new plugin file and replace old.

See How to create plugin in action

Find new plugin