How to use plugin Postmark

With Postmark plugin it is possible to use Postmark email service for sending transactional email from izzedo appbuild application.

1. Login to developer panel of your application.

2. Go to Plugins then Manage plugins.

3. Click on tab Find new plugin and then on Postmark.


4. After plugin have been installed, go to Plugins then Postmark.


5. On option Server configuration you need to enter Postmark API Key. This API you can find after you set up your account on Postmark website.

6. Now you should be able to send emails from your application. You can try to send test email on option Send test email.

7. It is possible to send an email with Action type Server function.


8. Or it is possible to send an email with Action type PHP Code.

$componentService = Services::GetComponentService();
$functionResult = $componentService->ExecuteServerFunction(