About business case

The thesis work was named “Service Design Process: Tools and Methods Used During Global Service Jam 2014 Workshop as a Service Design Process Best Practice” with Leonard Walletzký, Masaryk University – as a supervisor, in January 2015.

The initial purpose was to summarize tools and methods used in design process during Global Service Jam 2014 workshop and propose the best practice Service Design framework. During the research 335 projects have been analyzed, evaluated, and sorted into three sectors and eleven fields. Framework resulted from the research proposes fifteen tools and methods divided into three service design phases Ideate, Research, and Prototype and Test.

The author has tried to structure design process although in reality the process itself is nonlinear and iterative. The iterative three steps provided within the result as three phases (Ideation, Research, and Prototype and Test) represent a very basic approach to structure an innovation process for the design of new service.

Implemented features

  • User management
    Users and roles

  • General data
    Sector, field, phase, methods

  • Data migration
    Migration of old data

  • Projects results
    Insert, update and delete projects results

  • Determine phases
    Wizard for determine phases

  • External website
    Website and AJAX calling of actions

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