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Youth Communication Centre (YCC) is a non-profit organization based in Banja Luka, established with the aim of promoting the values of civil society that operates on a local and regional level. Educational, volunteer, media, psychosocial and peace-building activities and the development of democracy contribute to improving the quality of life of young people and the development of a society of equal opportunities.

YCC decided to implement software for tracking all projects activities, projects budgets, and expenses. This organization wanted also to be able to track the professional progress of every employee.

Implemented features

  • User management
    Users and roles.

  • General data
    Data about classifications, statuses, organization units, etc…

  • Projects
    Create projects, define goals, verifications, results, activities, sub-activities.

  • Personal activities
    See personal acitvities, save results, change statuses.

  • Projects budget
    Create projects budget, budget items, sub-items.

  • Expenses
    Enter expenses, relate it with project budget and employees.

  • Donors
    Define donors and donations.

  • Employee grades
    Set employee grades based on activities

  • Reports
    Advanced reporting system.


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